Stream Music

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How It Works

  1. Upload your audio from a browser. We'll store it in a secure cloud drive and associate it with your account. The following formats are currently supported: mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, wav, flac, aifc.
  2. You can then listen on any browser-enabled device through our web-based player. No apps to install and we don't alter your files in any way: what you upload is what you get.
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$1.33 per month + $0.006 / GB stored.

GB stored Approx. # of songs* $ / mo
10 3120 $1.39
100 31,200 $1.93
250 78,000 $2.83
1000 (1TB) 156,000 $7.33
*Assumes mp3s w/ a 128 Kbps bit rate and average song length of 3.5 minutes. Actual amounts will vary.
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Why Catalog?

Catalog is for streaming audio that you own.

You bought it. It's yours. Privately upload and stream any digitized audio that you own.

Catalog is for streaming the music you love.

You've discovered what matters most: the albums, b-sides, rarities, live recordings, and jam sessions you love, and quite frankly, you're better than some machine or AI at curating and selecting what to hear next. Take control of what you're listening to, with Catalog.

Catalog is for streaming audio you just can't loose.

You've spent years curating your collection's all over the place: cloud drives, external hard drives, a laptop here, an old laptop there, some download codes you never got around to using for the records you bought. After a while it's hard to keep track of it all. With Catalog your audio, the music you own, is all streamable, in one place; never in danger of being lost, stolen, or forgotten about.

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